Born Digital s.r.o.
We are the future of client’s interaction. We develop unique AI virtual assistants that automate the conversation between companies and their clients.


  • Carina Mouro

    Carina Mouro

  • Solano Todeschini

    Solano Todeschini

  • Maga Cloud

    Maga Cloud

    Maga Cloud is a Pakistani online newspaper focusing on high-tech news and Emerging Technologies. It was founded in March 2022

  • Timo Vanco

    Timo Vanco

    Innovation and Business Consultant at Born Digital. More —

  • Alexey Saltanov

    Alexey Saltanov


  • Ultan Ó Broin

    Ultan Ó Broin

    Parent. Dog person. Dub. Digital UX design and producty type Experienced with product design, research, development, & delivery. AKA Mugateaux. 80’s hair.

  • Antonio Grasso

    Antonio Grasso

    Digital entrepreneur with a passion for knowledge translation | FRSA | B2B Tech Influencer | Author & Speaker | Startups Mentor | Founder & CEO

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