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  • Sebastian Heinz

    Sebastian Heinz

    CEO @ STATWORX. Doing data science, stats and ML for over a decade. Food, wine and cocktail enthusiast. Check our website:

  • Ultan Ó Broin

    Ultan Ó Broin

    Parent. Dog person. Dub. Digital UX design and producty type Experienced with product design, research, development, & delivery. AKA Mugateaux. 80’s hair.

  • Giuliano Liguori

    Giuliano Liguori

    Giuliano Liguori is a technologist, an influencer in the digital transformation and artificial intelligence space.

  • Ernie Huber

    Ernie Huber

    Transformational IT leader interested in Strategy, Leadership, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud, Social, eCommerce & BPM

  • Xavier Amatriain

    Xavier Amatriain

    Cofounder/CTO at Curai (AI for healthcare). Former Quora VP, Netflix Director. Software, Machine Learning, Data, Recsys... From Barcelona, in the Valley

  • Lisha li

    Lisha li

    Venture capitalist focused on AI startups. PhD UC Berkeley math and deep learning.

  • BotList


    Connecting Humans to Bots. Send stories to: :: #chatbots

  • Gary Marcus

    Gary Marcus

    CEO & Founder Robust.AI; co-author (with Ernest Davis) Rebooting.AI. Also proud dad, Founder of Geometric Intelligence, acquired by Uber, & Emeritus Prof., NYU.

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