Born Digital s.r.o.
We are the future of client’s interaction. We develop unique AI virtual assistants that automate the conversation between companies and their clients.
a happy girl in front of a notebook with a bookshelf behind her
ScioLink is here to provide fair online exams for everyone. (source:

Burned trees and smoke after a forest fire
We train AI to not create sceneries like this one. We train it to help to fight them (source:

As it incresingly cooperates with integrated rescue system

A man with a phone walking behind a blue glass.

And it has a couple more unique features

Artificial intelligence is a greath helper, if we teach it so. (source:

How AI facilitates communication between companies and their customers

Next time you call an emergency line, an AI voicebot may answer

Voicebot receives reports of fires and natural disasters when lines are overloaded

Wooden blocks with letters and numbers
two Human conversation can be complicated. And that’s why chatbots need NLP (source:

How NLP changed the abilities of chatbots

A table with a cup of tea and a notebook. Two hands typing on a notebook
Online proctoring is the future of online exams. (source:

Admission procedures, business meetings, but also gatherings with family members or friends. Over the last year, all of these events had at least partially moved to the online environment. And the same can be said about various entrance exams and other tests.

Male doctor holding an X-ray picture agains the bright lighted wall
Working with screening and big data is the most common use of AI in healthcare. (source:

A couple of examples of AI medical chatbots and other helpful solutions

Imagine going on your first health check with your new GP. You enter the office from the waiting room, and a robot in a white coat sits behind the desk. This shiny robot will introduce itself as the most modern healthcare artificial intelligence solution, and while you are shocked and unable to react, it will start investigating your health condition.

Born Digital s.r.o.

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